Those drawn to thelikeminded are sometimes those who would challenge the status quo, not for the sake of it, alone, but as a means of introducing a shift to the culture by opening up our mind to the idea that everything is “the work.” We serve as a segue into the diverse evolution of creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, and professionals as they cultivate their business operations and personal brand strategies – through pure, unadulterated talent or skill sets.


Branding entrepreneurial integrity with responsible marketing strategy.



Hey y’all! I’m Indaria Jones, an entrepreneur who turned her side hustle into her daily bread while working full-time. I built my business as a young professional and personal brand strategist, best known for my ability to help millennials use their skills to launch a business and connect with organizations designed specifically for their needs. Building the courage to launch a business and collaborating with likeminded people along the way is a formula for success.

I was an intern at King Pin Entertainment in New York City, where I discovered my love for creating brand stories and talent management. Throughout the past 2 years of developing Thelikeminded, I have worked with clients in various industries including art, fashion, health and beauty, book publishing, non profits, and entertainment just to name a few.

When all is said and done, I want to be remembered as the woman who changed the traditional culture of business for minorities in Syracuse, New York. Thelikeminded is a force which sparks entrepreneurial integrity, creative innovation, and motivation that extends beyond the mind. (Deep, right?)

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  • 5 functions to date
  • Served 600+ attendees since inception
  • Successful community collaborations aligning with diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Consulted 45+ small businesses


  • 18 – 55 year olds
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young Professionals
  • Aspiring Individuals

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