The Network

Thelikeminded was designed to give new and ingenious creatives a space to develop their brands and circulate their art – in turn becoming a haven for entrepreneurs and young professionals to collaborate free of boundaries and workforce politics. The intent of the network, and the space at large, is to feature, highlight and align a new movement of visionaries, which will serve as a segue into the diverse evolution of these individuals as they cultivate their business operations and personal brand strategies– through pure, unadulterated skill sets.


Cultivating brand strategies through pure-unadulterated talent and skill sets.

I wanted to create a safe space for creative expression. We’ve talked about self-care and pampering our minds when they’ve decided to shut off. I feel like collaborating with like minded individuals can be its own form of self-care. Maybe you can’t think straight in the office or at home, we are creating an environment for us by us that shifts point of view. Because even though you might be feeling ‘blah’, your tribe says…‘wait… no, we gotta wake up.. it’s time to make magic.” 

Indaria Jones


  • 6 functions to date
  • Served 700+ attendees since inception
  • Successful community collaborations aligning with diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Consulted 45+ small businesses


  • 18 – 55 year olds
  • Creative Thinkers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young Professionals
  • Aspiring Individuals

Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines