Cultivating pure talented and skilled creators with strategies to redefine the blueprint for a successful business or career.

I wanted to create a safe space for creative expression. We’ve talked about self-care and pampering our minds when they’ve decided to shut off. I feel like collaborating with like minded individuals can be its own form of self-care. Maybe you can’t think straight in the office or at home, we are creating an environment for us by us that shifts point of view. Because even though you might be feeling ‘blah’, your tribe says…‘wait… no, we gotta wake up.. it’s time to make magic. —Indaria Jones



  • 7 functions to date

  • 1 International Experience

  • Served 900+ attendees since inception

  • Successful community collaborations aligning with diversity and inclusion initiatives

  • Consulted 45+ small businesses


  • 18 – 55 year old’s

  • Creative Thinkers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Young Professionals

  • Aspiring Individuals