This is your last chance to work with me before Fall. Take advantage of my offerings: Make Money on Your Terms and Be The Job Magnet. I have *one slot* left for my marketing intensives in July and August, because after that, I will not be taking on any new clients until October 15th.

Be The Job Magnet – A done for you career strategy!

You’re on indeed more than Facebook these days. You’ve applied to hundred of jobs and even had a few interviews, but no luck. You’re stuck job hunting because your online presence and resume isn’t stopping employers in their tracks. You need to build your personal brand to develop a distinct voice and stand out in a pile of resumes on your recruiters desk. Luckily, there is a solution (and it’s only 40 bucks). What’s Included?

  • Personal branding statement
  • Professional biography and elevator pitch
  • Redesigned resume
  • A content schedule and social media strategy
  • Confidence and clarity

Purchase your session BEFORE August 15 at PayPal.me/Thelikeminded/40 or get the full scoop at https://mailchi.mp/6bf824383788/this-is-why-youre-still-job-hunting-303345


Make Money on Your Terms.  (1-1 Strategy Session)

I’ll send a form for you to complete and help me get familiar with your business. I then take a look at your online presence and the form to design the most effective agenda for our consultation. You get your agenda and details the day of the consultation. We’ll jump on a video call and get to working on your strategy.

During our time together we can:

  1. Identify new streams of revenue and outline how to market and launch the new offers
  2. Analyze your marketing strategy to grow your brand and sell your services consistently month after month
  3. Address the emotional roadblocks that keep you stuck
  4. Map out your income goals and how you will meet the goal
  5. How to create sales content specifically for your target audience and niche

Make Money on Your Terms


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