You need a system and business strategy to make a smooth launch while working full time

Business is not just an occupation: it’s a calling. It calls you to sacrifice what you like, personal convenience and sometimes your entire life. You can begin, right now, to build a foundation that will support your business for years. Even if you’re not a certified or hold a masters degree, but you need a system and business strategy to get the ball rolling and make a smooth transition.

Create a path for your product idea

Today’s startup media often celebrates the blind leap, but I believe in scoping out the path before you jump. It’s all about strategic moves. After my internship in New York, I came back to Syracuse donating time and services to local organizations and brands. This helped me get a better idea of the demand and how to shape my business plan.

Create space for purpose.

You might work really long hours and complain that there is no time at all. But reconsider how you use your time. Every single moment matters, and it can be squeezed intentionally or not. Use the time before, between, and after work wisely. Instead of watching Love and Hip Hop or sipping the tea on social media before going to sleep, work on your passion project. Whatever works for you. Just turn off the remote control, log off & create space for your purpose every single day.


Save your money. Create a savings account that will give you ample space and time, once you decide to take the leap. –and don’t forget to divide a portion of your paychecks for other investments like stocks, real estate, etc. creating multiple income is crucial to make a decent living in today’s world and build capital for your business endeavors.

Start a side project.

Side projects build your skills and allow you to sample new ideas. Before I jumped ship and started thelikeminded, I worked on a series of side projects. That’s also where I applied what I had absorbed from devouring all those books, blogs and articles.And here’s the other great thing about side projects: sometimes they succeed. It’s the safety net you’ll need to eventually quit your job.

Share your work.

Whether your preference of digital marketing is a blog, a YouTube channel, a podcast or a dope Instagram account, sharing your work is wildly beneficial for three reasons:

  1. Sharing can help you to build an audience. before you build your startup. Then, you can leverage that following when you launch a product.
  2. It’s a great way to clarify and improve your ideas. If you want to learn something, try explaining it to someone else. You’ll immediately see the gaps in your knowledge. You’ll get smarter and people will begin to find value in your content.
  3. You establish a track record. Once you have something to launch, that audience already knows who you are and trusts your voice. They see that you’ve been covering the industry and maybe even showing your process along the way.


Find Mentors

Find the people who have taken the leap before you, the ones who have jumped similar mountains. They will give you the scoop. Listen closely to their story, trials, tribulations, and success. If these people aren’t around you then move outside of your comfort zone and FIND THEM. #network

Find Community

Before you quit and step out on your own, find your tribe. Find like-minded people who are willing to support you in making real the strange and radical vision you have for yourself. If you don’t have support networks, create them. Find like-minded people and gather them for coffee, dinner, or networking events. Build your dream hub.Get on Facebook and join these popping groups like now!

  1. Fearless Queens
  2. Cuse Culture Magazine
  3. #TheU
  4. Syracuse Black Expo
  5. Open House Poetry at The Painting Poet


Master your skills.

Practice the skills you want to build. We are constantly evolving from an unlimited amount of creativity and willingness to try new things. It’s so important to master your skills, even if you think you have it all. There’s always so much more to learn.


Dedicate yourself to what matters, day and night. After work, when nobody is watching, build the projects that you care most about. If you have a voice or vision about becoming an author: start writing blog posts after work. If you dream of opening your bakery, start baking for friends, then neighbors… During off hours. If you want to ‘help’ people, start helping them now.

Don’t wait until you quit your job, to start doing all the things that you dream of doing. Start doing what you love, right now.
Photo of White Beach in Boracay, Philippines

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