Thelikeminded takes Jamaica – FAQ

Hey there! Thelikeminded takes Jamaica is an experience that caters to small groups of creatives, entrepreneurs, and individuals. In other words likeminded people, right?! We aspire to renew your sense of curiosity, creativity and passion through carefully crafted itineraries to special destinations around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you tell me the rates and what does it include?

A. Rates are PER PERSON. $887 double room, $980 partial ocean view, or $1050 ocean view. We highly recommend any room! Package includes:

  • 5 days (November 1-5th, 2018).
  • Meet and Greet Cocktail hour
  • Private Dinner
  • Dunn’s River Falls Excursion in Ocho Rios
  • Scotchies Jerk Restaurant
  • Rastafari Indigenous Village Experience
  • Experience Jamaica Nightlife
  • Beach Day Activities
  • Business Networking and Empowerment Session Beachside!
  • Souvenir “Thelikeminded Takes Jamaica” T-shirt

Q. Does my $150.00 non-refundable deposit count towards my trip?

A. Yes it is included into your total if you go on the trip.

Q. Do you offer an installment plan and how much does the trip cost?

A. Yes we do. In fact it’s the best way to pay for your “LTJ” experience! Reserve your seat by making a deposit of $150 and you can break the payments up to $150 monthly. You will be sent a form to complete for travel and you’ll be invoiced for remaining payments.

Rates are per person. $887 double room, $980 partial ocean view, or $1050 ocean view. We highly recommend any room!


Q. Is the flight included?

A. No it is not included in the price, however, if we are able to confirm 10 or more passengers leaving from the same airport as a group, we may be able to offer group airfare that you’ll be able to pay on instead of searching and purchasing on your own.

Q. How does the payment/installment plan work?

A. Click the link to make your deposit. First months payment is split evenly based when you register and the remaining months with the end date (final payment) being August 21st (of which $150.00 is a Non-Refundable Deposit too and it counts towards the total). You will receive an invoice for every payment after which will be deducted from your payment total.


Q. What does ALL-INCLUSIVE really mean?

A. It means everyone is VIP ALL WEEKEND LONG!!! You can EAT and DRINK for FREE all the time that you are on the resort! It has bars and restaurants all over. Room service is available 24 hours and it totally FREE!!

Q. Where is the closest airport to fly in to?

A. Sangster International Airport

Q. What about transportation?

A. All transportation will be provided and included. From the airport to places around the island. You’ll have two experienced Jamaican Travel Specialists Hosts from Changing Pace Travel, LLC

Q. Do you need a passport?

A. Yes! You will need a Passport for Thelikeminded takes Jamaica. Some people think this is a hard and arduous process but in reality it’s a very simple and easy process. Please watch this video and then head down to your local post office to get your Passport!! Click here – Helpful links –

Q. What if i’m coming alone?

A. Prices are based on two people sharing a room (double occupancy). Thinking of coming alone? No problem, the price if you don’t have a roommate will be slightly higher.

You also have the option to room with another single traveler for the cheaper rate. Reach out to Indaria and ask if anyone else if looking for a roommate. #RoomatesareLife

Q. Is my money refundable?

A. The first $150.00 of your money is Non-Refundable. If you decided to cancel, a fee of $50.00 will add to this deposit totaling to $200.00. A cancellation policy with full terms and dates will be made available.

Q. What hotel are we staying at?

A. We are staying at RIU Reggae in Montego Bay, Jamaica –

Q. Can I pay more money than the suggested monthly or just pay it off entirely?

A. Yes. You can pay anytime! The invoice will allow you to pay whenever, wherever! As long as it’s before August 21, 2018.

Q. How does it work since I’m signing up after the 1st or 2nd payment has already past?

A. Your payment schedule is based upon when you book and our special host from Changing Paces Travel will divide your payments up accordingly and the end date is August 21st to have all payments in.

Q. Do you offer an installment plan?

A. Yes we do. In fact it’s the best way to pay for your experience!


Q. Can I get insurance on this trip?

A. Trip protection insurance is recommended. It will be additional and optional. The rate will be listed on your registration form if interested.

Q. What do I need to buy for the trip?

A. You will need to bring the following items: – Good vibes & Party Attitude! – Dope Summer Outfits – Business Cards for Networking – Swimsuit – Super Cool Sun Glasses – Your LIT Crew! Coming alone? No worries! Plenty of group activities! We’re here to have fun, together!

Any more questions or concerns? Feel free to contact our host Nasha Barnes at or (678) 744-9714

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